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SDC11027 draft flier of D'ye Mind.. (1)

 Welcome one and all!

This is the official website of Scottish poet, writer and critic Jim Ferguson.

Ferguson is a writer and performance poet who has been actively practicing literary art since 1986.

This site provides free access to some of Ferguson's poetry, bibliographic and contact information, fiction and essays.

The author's books, DVD and CD can also be purchased safely on-line through this site or those of his publishers.

'For Eva' The Drifting Living Room of Time fiction essays poetry

In 2012 as part of Glasgow International Arts Festival (GI) the author produced a series of postcards and three short prose pieces about Govan. To view the postcards click on the link below: 

to PDF - 'The Govan Cross' BOOKS Tower of Babbles Tower of Babbles Pamphlets CD: More than Quirky DVD: Viddy Poems Latest Fiction: Neither Oil nor Water New Poetry: 'Poor Wurld'