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These works represent an excellent introduction to the poetry and prose of Jim Ferguson. 

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Text Messages To Ma Brain


some people live in their cars

go about with sniper’s eyes

keep their guns in sleeping bags

they’re real regular guys


some folk live in the stars

shining bright with delusion

got control of their minds right now

but the only way to go is mad


some folk live in shanty towns

electricity’s what they lack

they got no water to cook in

got whips biting into their backs


newspapers keep me warm at night

newspapers tell me the truth


ah got a bed of roses

ah got a bed of nails

ah got a bed of concrete and bones

got a sailboat with out any sails


and some folk

they can build their boats

and some folk

they can cook

others can cure cancer

and some folk

they write books


sad bastards   - with Mozart ringtones

sit on trains in trances destroying world peace



the quiet is far too quiet


loud is way too loud


young is always much too young


old is already dead dead old – pure dead but brilliant old

by the way


middle aged is totally fucked



everybody’s useless


mrs greedy and mr lust   - the thrusting entrepreneurs


wah wwwaaaaahhhhhhh    (Scream: WWHHAAAAAAAAHHHH)


ahm oan msn

ahm oan lycos too

ahm oan cable, terrestrial, satellite and the broo

ahm oan dynamite without the mss

ahm oan ec-sta-cy

ahm oan bullets and Trojan horses

ahm oan LSD and GHB and horse pills that keep yi gouched

ahm oan Moto sponsored movies

ahm oan Rubik’s cube

ahm oan Diners Club and shrapnel

ahm oan change for the bus


ahm away to get a real joab noo

tell yi ma heid’s totally fucked








                             Text Messages To Ma Brain