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Poor Wurld - Jim Ferguson - Poems 

'Poor Wurld' Published by Speculative Books, March 2020.

Speculative Books have a facebook page where 'Poor Wurld' and other excellent poetry can be purchased, they also have a subscription service, which is a great idea, check it out!

There will be a launch event at Inn Deep, Glasgow, sometime in March.

There will be a launch party on Saturday, March 28 (details below).


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 Novelist and poet Tracy Patrick comments on 'Poor Wurld'


'Each one of these poems is a tribute to the 99% of people struggling to get by and deal with the psychological stress of life on the poverty margins. The subject matter is bleak and the language, like the lives of the people in the poems, is pared down with nothing to spare. Yet dignity and optimism shine through in these elegantly constructed verses where the blank space is just as important as the words. Ferguson explores scheme life, broken relationships, self-medication and Glaswegian existentialism, with a strong message that we should not be subjugated into silence or accept that happiness is a luxury we can’t afford. So, sling on your ‘good suit jaykit’ and take a dauner through ‘Poor World,’ the latest collection from this most singular of Scottish voices. You will not be disillusioned. I enjoyed the collection.'



Click on cover to purchase signed copy.

£6 pp included.