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Pamphlets - Jim Ferguson   

The Renfrew Road, Urban Free Press, Glasgow, 2018.

Renfrew RoadCov1-page-001

The Renfrew Road is a new pamphlet of poetry featuring two long sequential pieces: The Renfrew Road and Ansaphone Poems. Each poem is very different in character, the first is a futurist apocalyptic adventure inspired by the work of Kathy Acker, while Ansaphone poems are a sequence of messages received with humour.

My Bonnie Scotland, Tapsalteerie, Aberdeenshire, 2016,.

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My Bonnie Scotland is beautifully produced by probably Scotland's most inventive and wonderful publisher Tapsalteerie: they have a great website, please take a look.


Some great poetry in there too.



Songs to Drown a Million Souls, Fleming Press, Glasgow, 2013,.

a million soulss

Poems on African-American musicians with an essay, Coming out of Slavery, which deals with cultures, histories and a case for Scottish independence.


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Fugitive Bullets, Edinburgh, 2009.

Dark Afore Nine, Edinburgh, 2006.

Ten Years Down, Neruda Press, Glasgow, 1997

Acts of Fiction, Neruda Press, Glasgow, 1997

Out From beneath the Boot #2-5, Neruda Press, Glasgow, 1991-96

The Art of Catching a bus, Itinerant Publications, Gourock, 1990.

Strong Drink, Itinerant Publications, Gourock, 1989.

 No Sunrise, Echo Room Press, Newcastle, 1989.

No Sunrise, itinerant Publications, 1987.

Tower of Babble, Itinerant Publications, Gourock, 1987.

Tower of Babbles Ten years down Acts of Ficton No Sunrise JM043

Poems and stories from McGarrigle, Melville, Relax, Brodie and Ferguson. This was the follow up to 'Dark Afore Nine' and it was, I think, the last work published by the late John McGarrigle. Had a fine launch night at Streetlevel Gallery with music from Andy Logan pictured here at the back.





Poems and stories from McGarrigle, Relax, Brodie and Ferguson. Had a lot fun at the Elvis Shakespeare book shop on Leith Walk when this was launched. An event that's well remembered, sort of, sorted...




One of the last Neruda Press publications, around November '97. Wee selection of poems from Ferguson and Bobo Christie. Not long after this both writers went slightly billy-bonkers with something related to poverty, emotional stress, homelessness and/or alcohol; take yer pick!





This pamhlet was hand made by the author with the aid of Graham Fulton's long-arm-stapler. It turned out extemely well. You can see it and read it on youtube by clicking on the photo.

Published in February 1997. Ferguson has a poem on Sorley McLean in here as part of the sequence called 'Going Forwards Backwards'. Christie has 'Punky Blue Fire' and shape poems.

It was the beginnning of a troublesome period. Tony Blair became prime minister of the UK later in the year.  

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akcat_1973 OutfromBoot3

A series of anthologies of working-class poetry editied by Bobby Christie and Jim Ferguson. Contains some interesting and surprising poems. Available from AK Press. These anthologies were mostly launched at The Clutha Vaults, certainly the green one (on the left here) was, and Celtic legend Billy McNeill was in the audience.

jim ferguson fugitive bullets 012

This pamphlet was published by Brendan Cleary, Irish poet and editor of Echo Room Press. The monologue 'No Sunrise' was made into a video and shown at various literary festivals and in the CCA, Glasgow or Third Eye Centre as it probably was called then.

Art of Catching Itinerants

Another hand-made effort, this was the original which was re-published by Brendan Cleary's Echo Room Press the following year.

Tower of Babble featured work by Bobby Christie, Jim Ferguson, Graham Fulton and Ronnie McNeil. It was printed in Milngavie by a lovely woman who ran The Heatherbank Press and had a Museum of Social Work in her house. This wee pamphlet was quite influential at a time when small press activity was almost non-existent in Scotland. We used the punk principle of 'Do it Yourself' and it was quite a success. We had a strong collective spirit, enjoyed every minute and made many lifelong friendships. What a blast.

Originally a large, white A4 format pamphlet typed up on Bobby Christie's electric typewriter, this formed the basis for Ferguson's first full collection of poems which was published by Ramsay Canaan of AK Press in 1994. I think there was a launch night for the big white 1990 version in the Scotia Bar (maybe?).

No Sunrise 1987 The only photo of the four original   Itinerant Poets Transmission Gallery Twenty-first June 1987