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  peace and quiet






            -dead of


          -middle of


         -centre of



             nucleus of night


   as if the dark has a centre



   breath in

   breath out



 keep going

  because you can hear it



 dead of night

  is only absences

  nothing real



  absence of sun

  absence of others



 before a single slice

  of dawnlight

  tells you



          you are lonely too






No. 19 from

twenty fragments for Eva


  19. often the rich complain



  often the rich complain

  that the poor are living too long


  the poor just use up resources

  that could better be used by the rich


  those unproductive ones who live too long

  are draining the rich of a source of their profits


  yet i don’t see the rich all queuing to die

  before their natural time – in reality quite the reverse


  i wept for my wee dying mother

  who didn’t have time


  to do all the things that she wanted


  all of her life she was poor

  all of her life she worked in a job


  where the air poisoned her body


  i did not hear the rich complain

  about such working conditions -


  though they were busy aboard their yachts

  catching sun-tans and sending out orders -


  it is always all right for the poor to die this way

  but the rich never say, please let me die this way too

hurt and happiness


  sun rising just   sky dark blue

  birds sing in the high trees

  park empty   not quite morning

  yet   just the hum of occasional cars

  she sleeps downstairs

  being in work helps her sleep

  makes it sound


  i lie in bed and doodle this

  hoping the hangover doesn’t

  get worse all the time

  spent drinking causes something

  and there’s something

  at the root of it too

  something i do not understand


  one sure thing is that it’s easier

  to get started than to stop


  the hardest thing is painful

  sleep is fitful

  the shakes induce a creepy fear

  thinking of an epileptic fit

  every muscle heavy and sore

  twitching and tense   dick

  frances on the radio  -a thriller

  sunrise could be beautiful

  and safe   light as cloud

  news on the radio

  world service of the bbc


  what does it mean to be in love

  when all the news is tragic

  bait to hook depression

  when will it end?

  the fear

  the self-inflicted wounds -

  things hurt

  things give happiness

  that’s about the way it goes...

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