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Jim Ferguson is a poet, pamphleteer, novelist and critic based in Glasgow. Born in  1961, Jim has been writing and publishing since 1986 and is a Creative Writing Tutor at Glasgow Kelvin College. His poetry collection 'the art of catching a bus and other poems' is published by AK Press, Edinburgh. Two other collections of poetry 'When Feeling Fully at Home in the Drifting Living Room of Time' (2018) and 'For Eva' (2017) are published by Famous Seamus Publishing.  

He was the 2011 'Poet Laureate' of the Scotia Bar, Glasgow.

Other books include the novel 'Punk Fiddle' and 'The Pine-Box-Jig Involves no Dancing' both published by Graham Brodie's  Whirlpool Press. He has also written a short monograph on Robert Tannahill: 'Tannahill: The Soldier’s Return with an Introductory Essay by Jim Ferguson.' The essay is based on his PhD thesis 'A Weaver in Wartime.' See essays.


Commissions have included work for Scottish Television, Glasgow International Arts Festival, West of Scotland Housing Association, Scotland in Europe and The Clutha Trust.


Jim has worked as a Creative Writing Tutor in Preisthill, Govan, Lochwinnoch and Easterhouse.


He has given hundreds of readings and public performances of poetry and prose and is available for live gigs.


Ferguson's work has appeared in anthologies, on-line publications and in numerous journals and literary magazines, such as: Edinburgh Review, Common Sense, Minted, New Writing Scotland, Northwords, Cutting Teeth, Scottish Child, Nerve, Echo Room, Rebel Inc., West Coast Magazine, The Wide Skirt, Variant and Air.


He released a spoken word cd entitled ‘QUIRKY’ in 2009 (OG Records).  'More than Quirky' Jim's most recent cd is available on-line from the home page.


Other publications include:


Fugitive Bullets (contributor with Brodie, McGarrigle, Melville, Relax), 1 O’Clock Gun, Edinburgh, 2009.

‘Lament that Choruses Through your Broken Heart’ in Mutter Shutter, Scotland in Europe, Govan, Glasgow, 2010.

'Songs to Drown a Million Souls', Fleming Press, Glasgow, 2013. See 'Pamphlets'.

'Walmart Pants' short story in Gutter #14, 2016.





 in god we trust


  ah ha

  here he comes




  sauntering with his unmistakeable creator’s gait

  and his infinite arsenal of nuclear weapons


  it’s just what we need right now

  a religious maniac with his finger on the button


  whispering corruption




  if you don’t tell

  i won’t tell


  we’re aw in this the gether

  at least that’s what we need to tell them


  how would they believe us otherwise

  how would they stop themselves


  from giving our heads'

  the Mussolini treatment


  or worse, they’d take away our

  little privileges, and though


  we don’t draw attention to it much

  we have an infinite arsenal


  of nuclear bombs —

  if the lower orders


  think they’re getting their

  sweaty cankered maws


  on anything of ours

  we’ll show them an explosion


  that will tear down time and nature

  that will bomb the universe back to the big bang

Caesura 2015 Jim1 The only photo of the four original   Itinerant Po